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Settlements in the Binyamin region



Number of citizens 


The greater Shilo area 

In the greater Shilo area are the settlements: Shilo, Maale Levona, Eli, Givat Harel, Shvut Rachel, Kida, Esh Kodesh, Achiya and Adey Ad. 


The greater Shilo area was built around the ancient Shilo, and constitutes the main foundation of the Trans-Samaria settlements, creating continuity in Jewish settlements from Rosh HaAyin – Ariel through the greater Shilo area on the way to the Jordan valley. These settlements are located in an area which connects North Binyamin with Samaria, at a 30 minute drive from Jerusalem and the central region of Israel. Throughout the greater Shilo area is widespread agricultural land.  

The greater Edomim area 

In the greater Edomim area are the settlements: Kfar Adumim, Alon, Nofei Prat, Mitzpe Yericho, Anatot, Neve Erez and Mitzpe Hagit 


The greater Edomim area was founded alongside road number 1, on the Prat riverbank (Kelt). The row of settlements connects Jerusalem to the Northern part of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. It is close to the city of Maale Edomim, and is just 10 minutes away from Jerusalem. Most of the settlements in this area are characterized as being ideologically mixed – observant residents alongside secular residents. In the greater Edomim area are industrial areas, tourism industry and many artists.   

 The greater Neve Tzuf – Talmonim area 

 In the greater Neve Tzuf – Talmonim area are the settlements: Neve Tzuf, Ateret, Nachliel, Nerya, Cheresha, Talmon and Dolev 


The settlements oflocated in the high mountains of the heart of Binyamin, overlooking the lowland. In the greater Neve Tzuf – Talmonim area are educational institutions for all ages and  archeological sites which are testimony to ancient and meaningful Jewish settlements at the historic times of the Judges and the Maccabaeus  

 Tzofe Dan 

 Here are the settlements: Nili, Naale, Matityahu, Chashmonaim and Kfar Oranim 


 The settlements in the greater Tzofe Dan area were founded on hills overlooking the Ben Gurion airport area, Shoham and Modiin, and road number 6 from the east, in just a 5 minute drive from the city of Modiin. The settlements are mostly characterized by secular residents and high quality lifestyle. 

 Choron Settlements 

 These settlements include Mevo Choron, Beit Choron and The New Givon 



 In the greater Choron area, the settlements are located on the land that connects Jerusalem to the city of Modiin, around the old road – 'Maale Beit Choron' – which leads up to Jerusalem from the lowland, and on which the 443 road was paved. These settlements are characterized in a high quality lifestyle and an excellent location between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 

 Central Binyamin settlements 

 These settlements include Ofra, Cochav Yaakov, Tel Tziyon, Psagot, Migron, Amona and Adam 


 These settlements are located in the heart of the Binyamin region. Due to its central location, this area has longstanding educational establishments and unique services to the entire Binyamin region, including the Regional Council, the community center, the religious council, the Gvanim treatment center, the child development unit, emergency center and more. 

 The Michmas greater area 

 This area includes the settlements Michmas, Rimonim, Cochav HaShahar and Mitzpe Dani 


 These settlements are near the Alon road and overlook the Jordan valley. They constitute the eastern settlements of Binyamin. 

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