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Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Looking for a place to host your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah?
Looking for a place that's close to the Kotel but far enough from the noise?
Plan your event here at Psagot Boutique Winery, located only 20 minutes from the Kotel, and in the middle of the pastoral and tranquil biblical land of Binyamin 

In Nachalat Binyamin's impressive stone structure opposite pristine landscape, family Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah events take place, in which we can design for you the event of your dreams.
Our in-house catering will spice up your event with excellent food and our private wine. 
All you need to do is choose and come...
In the closed stone structure, fitting for winter events of up to 200 people, you can combine a short visit for the guests in one of the visitor center's shows; descend for a guided tour in the cellar of the Psagot winery where the guests will have a brief taste of experiencing the magical world of wine. In this part you can combine guided wine tasting.

The Bar Mitzvah boy can guide the tour to the cellar himself (after a preliminary guide from the visitor center staff). 

An event in the visitor center includes a close and personal bartender in the wine bar throughout the entire evening; use of the places' amplification equipment; a large parking area; partitions for dividing the area into separate dancing areas; security. 

  • A large dancing area 
  • A relaxation area with cushion seats, pillows and white garden furniture 
  • An option to have a reception in the garden 
  • Workshops at the beginning of the event for guests arriving early 
  • Petting zoo / any other attraction of your choice which you will want to have throughout the event, yet not in the sitting area itself.  
  • In the central stone structure where the guests sit, is a large screen and high quality projector on which you can show presentations / Bar and Bar Mitzvah films, all of which is attached to a top quality amplifying system.
    For those who have an event in the winery there is a 15% discount from the list price on wine bottles of the Psagot winery that will be opened throughout the event!!!
  • In the garden pergola – where you can have events from May, you can seat 200 additional guests. The pergola area can be used for additional attractions.  
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