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Special Events

Looking for a place to have a high quality event that will be a unique experience leaving a different impression?

The Nachalat Binyamin visitor center invites you to have a unique event, stylish and aromatic, above the wine cellar of the Psagot boutique winery, opposite the breathtaking view of the Michmas creek, in just a 10 minute drive from Jerusalem.

The VIP Wine Veranda – Our Conference Room
The visitor center has an exclusive and impressive conference room, filled with the sweet scents of wine and wood. On both sides of the room are large glass windows which expose the wine barrels and fermentation tanks of the winery.
The unique location of the room, looking as if it was floating in the wine cellar of the Psagot winery, adds mystery to the place.
Our In-House Catering
Our in-house catering will arrange for each customer the most appropriate and fitting menu for their event whilst maintaining the quality of a first class restaurant.
In addition, the staff includes professional hostesses, waitresses and bartenders, and of course, an event coordinator who will be at your service and guide you from the moment you contact us to the successful finale of the event.
Our Hall
The visitor center has a unique beautiful events hall for all kinds of events, joyous celebrations and conferences. The place combines pristine landscape with technological and culinary innovation, all customized to your personal taste and needs.
We are the perfect solution for managers searching for that added value to their business conference or for an unforgettable staff day.
We specialize in launchings, private screenings, important meetings, social events and any kind of private events.
דרונט בניית אתרים
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