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Tours in Jerusalem

Looking to go out on a fabulous day tour in unknown pristine landscapes just 15 minutes away from Jerusalem?


The Nachalat Binyamin visitor center invites you to a day of fascinating and enjoyable touring in the land and its surroundings, in just a 20 minute drive from the center of Jerusalem.

And What's Here?

In the Nachalat Binyamin visitor center you will learn the amazing story of the region, enjoy the scents of great wine from the Psagot boutique winery and perhaps even taste it.

Tour Nachalat Binyamin
A tour in Nachalat Binyamin with combined shows: the wine veranda,
a time of grape harvest and the view veranda.
Hosting options in Nachalat Binyamin
Throughout the day, whenever you come you can enjoy good coffee, a variety of homemade pastries, wine tasting along with aged cheeses and salty snacks. (Subject to availability, it is recommended to coordinate it by phone when ordering the tour)
Tours in the Binyamin Region
There are numerous tracks in the Binyamin region; here are some tracks and maps.
דרונט בניית אתרים
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